Where do you go when you’re looking for answers to questions that have major importance?

Yes, we make decisions every day because we can, we live with choice, thank goodness. But sometimes we really feel pressure to make an important decision and it’s so easy to let the mind work on it, and try to “figure it out”. This can turn into and endless cycle of stress. Yuck!

And yes, the answers do come through the mind, but are they from the mind? The truth comes from your inner guide, your body, your womb, that quiet but alive place. And how you access that is the important question because once you know how to access your truth, your answer will come without a lot of mental agitation or “thinking”. It will have that exciting feeling that only a YES has. And that’s a turn ON!

This is where your self care practices come in. Are you playing in your body daily in a way that grounds, relaxes, strengthens and opens you? Maybe yoga, your favourite sport, dance, hiking? Are you getting out into nature? Do you have a meditation practice? Are you asking yourself what would I love in this situation? What would make this a YES? Do you feel comfortable reaching out to a mentor, trusted friend, or journal to listen to yourself with a neutral sounding board?

Self care practices keep you tuned in to your “truth” station, turned ON, and these hard decisions can come more easily if we use our practices regularly. So next time you have a big decision to make, tune in to your breath, your body, your yes, or reach out for support. Either way, enjoy the process.