This is surprisingly becoming my favourite time of year because of it’s paradoxical nature; the deeply inward, dark, reflective qualities living side by side with the bright, celebratory, and social aspects. But how are they relating for you? You might notice emotions arising that wouldn’t tend to arise as much during other seasons, i.e. grief, longing, sadness, some of us more intensely than others, and perhaps unwillingly. This could make it uncomfortable to be around people let alone celebrate with them, and yet you don’t want to be alone or feel isolated. What if we were to welcome these feelings, like a guest at the party, side by side with the celebrating, sharing, and mingling.  This could be a silent agreement with yourself to acknowledge and see the part of yourself that is having these feelings, consciously shine some light and love there, and then go out. You may decide to share your feelings if it feels appropriate and safe to do so, or you could have your own private party of mingling emotions going on inside where all are welcome. Just the intention could be the difference in how you feel this holiday season. Let me know how it goes.

Let’s honor all the different aspects of the self, harvest the richness of our feelings and emotions, and celebrate our humanness together.