I recently had a professional home organizer come and help me organize my home, and the parallel to yoga was so profound I had to share.

The first thing we did was assess the situation and set the intention for more space, freedom, and clarity in the home.  Then we began going through and letting go of whatever isn’t serving and is just taking up precious space.  Next we were ready to put everything that remained into a place that made sense and was aesthetically and viscerally pleasing.  When the things you need and use every day have a specific place they can call home, and the intention is held to keep re-committing to putting things in their place, energy is more constantly in a state of flow which means you are energized and feeling good!   My great epiphany was that Yoga is the same as a personal organizer but it’s for the body, home of spirit, self, YOU! When you agree to step on your mat, you are agreeing to the practice which creates a heat and a movement of energy that ultimately moves out and cleanses the body of toxins emotional and physical(the old stuff). Each time you come into your pose and put everything in it’s place, you align with gravity so your body can optimally support the flow of energy and find ease as it’s designed. Again, as in your home, you are free now to spend your energy living your life, expressing yourself and your passions.  Over time, in your home and on your mat, the order will become a steady backdrop that creates a daily freedom of breath and expression without much thought involved.  So get on your mat so that you have the energy to call the organizer and clean house!


Angela Hoxsey, www.houseinorder.com